REINHARDT law firm focuses on Business, Corporate and Commercial Law, intellectual property and national / EU unfair competition law - incl. internet / software related matters. A long standing practice focus is on advising foreign and domestic clients in cross border corporate and commercial matters, in particular in the area of contract law, sales, corporate and commercial law.

The firm also provides legal analysis or a second legal opinion to lawyers from other jurisdictions (e.g. on jurisdiction, applicable law issues, comparison in litigation costs or money judgments enforcement in Germany) and litigation services in multi-jurisdictional matters.

The firm advises individuals, foreign and domestic corporations, small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, managing directors and board members.

My long standing practical experience representing companies in and out of court especially in corporate and commercial law, also as in-house counsel of a publicly listed corporation, comprises companies of all sizes from start-up companies, sole proprietors, and mid sized businesses up to listed corporations. This includes providing legal advice, both in German and selected areas of EU-Law, to foreign coorporations operating respectively investing in Germany or other EU-Countries.

Since I completed a post graduate study program in the USA and passed the New York bar exam, I am particularly familiar with the concept of US-Law / common law and in a position to communicate in legal English. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and expedites communication when advising clients from common law countries, attorneys at law from the US or Solicitors England & Wales in multi-jurisdictional matters.

For additional information about the law firm's general services to foreign clients please click here: "International clients". More information about the firm's services concerning specific areas of law is provided under the respective section (e.g. corporations or M&A under the heading "Corporate Law").

Oliver Reinhardt, LL.M. (University of Denver, USA)
Lawyer - Rechtsanwalt

- Deutschland / Germany -